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Vac-U-Digga NZ brings New Zealand the latest technologies and innovations in hydro excavation and underground asset protection. Operating out of our depots in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, we can provide your business with solutions that will significantly mitigate your risk of damaging underground assets.

Since 2012, we’ve earned a reputation as an industry leader in hydro excavation due to an impeccable record for delivering operational solutions to challenging projects that are faced when there are conflicts with underground assets and utilities.

A commitment and a passion to serve your company’s best interests is what drives us to be your dedicated provider of vacuum excavation solutions. Available for hire or purchase from Auckland down to Wellington and Christchurch, is a comprehensive fleet of Vac-U-Digga vacuum excavation trucks.

Our exclusive hydro excavation units have been purposefully designed to suit the New Zealand geography and soil conditions to deliver the fastest vacuum excavation rates possible. Vac-U-Digga units range from small 2,000 litre trucks to larger 8,000 litre units, which all have capacity to operate within a 100m radius from the work site.

Uniquely, we offer a ‘One stop shop’ with an array of technologies, products and services which are designed to assess and mitigate underground utility related risks associated with the design and construction of civil and infrastructure works. Some of these include:

  • Hydro Excavation

  • Vac-U-Digga Sales

  • Underground Service and Cable Locating

  • Soil Disposal

  • 3D CART Technology

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See our range of machines available for hire

See our range of machines available for hire

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Commitment to Safety

Flexible Solutions

Experienced Operators

Vac Group provides clients with solutions to protect the integrity of underground assets by supplying underground asset location, mapping and safe excavation services. Our clients include ‘blue chip’ private companies and Federal, State and Local Government organisations, undertaking predominantly infrastructure projects and civil and building works.

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The professional standards of our staff is demonstrated by the significant investment we regularly apply in the training of all our employees.


Units range from small 2,000 litre trucks to larger 8,000 litre units, which all have capacity to operate within a 100m radius from the work site.


Our operators have a diverse range of skills and experience, coupled with positive attitudes and a strong work ethic


Our services

Our ‘One Stop Shop’ services include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial consultation;
  • Gathering DBYD plans;
  • High resolution 3-D imagery;
  • Surface removal of asphalt/concrete & jack hammering;
  • Backfill & surface reinstatement/PVC marker installation;
  • Non-destructive excavation/trenching/potholing/footings;
  • Confined space entry/equipment;
  • Assistance in pipe laying/ pit & pipe installation;
  • High velocity pipe jetting;
  • General vacuum removal/ pump outs & high pressure cleaning;
  • Survey / CAD mapping;
  • Fixed contract rates and quotations
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10 Tenahaun Place, Sockburn.




Vac-U-Digga NZ is proud to be part of the Christchurch Rebuild Program and to be engaged on the delivery of the high speed Ultra Fast Broadband and other major projects across New Zealand.

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